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        Love her but leave her wild.

        Melissa and Shawn are the kind of people that fill my soul with the good things that keep my creative fire going. At their engagement session, they brought their 4-month-old son. We took a break and I sat in the backseat and asked her questions as she breast fed her baby. We talked like we were old friends and they were so comfortable with me. These are the kind of clients that make beautiful images.

        We should be friends.

        She became my facebook friend and I got to get to know her personal life and how she takes her baby on almost all of her business trips. I love that. A babywearing mama gets me right in the feelers. I love seeing a woman thrive as a mother and businesswoman at the same time. That’s my favorite.

        At her wedding, my second shooter asked if I had known her for a while, but I didn’t. We had only met a few months before her wedding. This made me SO happy. For the clients who open up, I force them into being my friends. I guess this isn’t very common in the wedding industry. I will happily be the weirdo who get too involved with her clients. 🖤🖤🖤

        I am posting this a little over a week after their wedding because I am still so obsessed with them. I can’t wait to share they incredible wedding day with you!


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