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        I knew I loved you the first time I saw you…

        Oh hello, internet friends. Grab a snack and get comfortable. We are talking about why first looks work so well! 😱

        Adrian’s Opinions: A List

        -First, the reason behind not seeing each other before the wedding is kind of messed up. According to this very reliable article, weddings were essentially the business of parents. Fathers wanted to make sure that their daughters married a rich dude with land. To make sure that the groom didn’t back out and bring shame to her family, homegirl had to hide her mother effing face until they were officially married. WUT? This tradition is wack.

        -Weddings are absolute insanity. You say your vows, walk out, take photos, walk back in, dance, eat, talk to people, take more photos, leave. At no point during any of those events do you get to actually snuggle up to your boo boo and tell him or her how much your heart is exploding with love because he or she decided to marry you. You can’t really embrace your partner and go crazy at the altar. Y’all want to do that, right?

        -You get to get all of the photos done BEFORE the ceremony. Ho. Ly. Crud. That means that after the ceremony, it’s smooth sailing. Talk, eat, shake your butt.

        -I have never not cried during a first look. Like, ever.

        -You and your partner actually get to enjoy the presence of each other. You get to look at each other and kiss and cry and grab booty and do whatever else you want to do. No one will be watching… except me.

        -You can hang with your bridal party! Following pre-wedding photos, I force y’all to hide 45 minutes before the ceremony because it is inevitable that Aunt Martha will show up super early and see you walking around. That’s another 45 minutes of chilling with your partner and all of your best friends. You can have some champagne with your momma or do a keg stand with your dad. Whatever your idea of fun is, I’m down.

        -Things just go a lot more smoothly and things aren’t a crazy cluster rush for your entire night.

        -I love first looks! Duh!


        You and me are going to be homies for your wedding planning process… Let’s talk about everything!