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        Every year I go through a winter funk freak out and get a part time job because the winter legit makes me a crazy person. In January 2018, I worked at a nutritional club for a SOLID two months and met THE most beautiful couple I had ever seen.

        These two are the kind who work out together and post videos to Instagram and other people try to recreate them but they never really look right.

        You know? I just hope at some point Nicki was up in the gym just working on her fitness and pointed to TJ and said, “He’s my witness.’

        Anyway! I asked them to model for me and they said yes! It was one of my favorite shoots ever. Not only were they beautiful and stylish, they were also madly in love. Couple who regularly show affection have no trouble workin it for the camera.

        I had heard them talk about planning before and secretly wished they would hire me because they loved their model shoot. They did. Jackpot.

        Nicki casually texted me to say that they decided to have an intimate ceremony with just their closest friends and family members but they wanted a portrait session before. I was SO happy that they chose me to take their portraits.

        These portraits turn out so beautifully and are some of my favorite to show off. I am so thankful to Mr. and Mrs. Spencer for choosing me!

        Y’all are so fine and so fun!

        So, I do love intimate weddings, courthouse weddings, and elopements. If you are a beautiful couple who loves to skip the big wedding festivities, hit me up in the contact tab and lets get this thang goin! You can also read reviews from my happy brides and grooms here!

        All the love,
        Adrian Birdsong Hutchison

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